Al-Basyar: Landasan Ontologis Biopsikologi Perspektif Islam


  • Alfiesyahrianta Habibie Universitas Islam Negeri Malik Ibrahim Malang
  • Ahmad Sulaiman


Islamic Psychology, Biopsychology, Al Basyar


The marriage of two positivistic sciences, namely psychology and biology, has given birth to the discipline of biopsychology which was later touted as the pinnacle of human mental and behavioral sciences. In the last two decades, biopsychology has enjoyed a major academic stage across the globe with the involvement of various professions and scientists, from psychologists, biologists, doctors to neurologists with a penchant for Western empiricism. Unfortunately, behind the rapid development, modern biopsychology contains a perspective that completely rejects the spiritual element of humans. This has caused modern biopsychology to forever fail to reveal humans holistically. This research will reveal al-Basyar's ontology that was born from thematic readings about humans in the Qur'an. Through the elaboration of the concept of al-Basyar, an ontological basis for biopsychology with an Islamic perspective will be revealed. The ontological basis will explain how human nature is and how the mental treatment model is based on the Islamic biopsychology model.




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